In our traditional Mexican cooking class you will have a blast preparing authentic and delicious Mexican dishes.

Learn the secrets of Mexican cuisine, while you spend an unforgettable time cooking alongside an expert chef who is knowledgeable in pre-hispanic and contemporary Mexican food.

Our class is an explosion of colors, flavors and textures. We always use the freshest ingredients and work with great passion.

The menus are as diverse as Mexican food is and vary according to the season. Let our chef surprise you. We have something for everyone, whether you’re a vegetarian or not,  you will always discover fascinating recipes. We can even teach you how to prepare your favorite Mexican dish.

Our class is designed for you to be the artist, while the chef shares his tips, recommendations and techniques so you can easily replicate the recipes at home. It is a hands on unique experience.

Our venue is a cozy Mexican cuisine and every class is personalized. All of this in the heart of Mexico City!!

Our groups are usually small, but we also have the option on demand for larger groups.

After cooking, you will have the opportunity to sit at the table and share with your friends, family or new friends what you have cooked.

Looking forward to seeing you, Buen provecho!!

DISCLAIMER: Note that we retain the right to cancel the scheduled market visit without prior notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances or during Mexican holidays.

  Daily, every morning at 11.30 AM and every afternoon at 5 PM

   Suitable for all ages.

   Our groups are usually small, but on request we can also serve large groups

   Memorable hands on cooking class.

  Restrooms available during the experience.

  Vegetarian substitutions are available. Notify us of SERIOUS allergies or aversions.

What to expect from our Traditional cooking class?


Our concept, “Mexican Traditional culinary workshop”

Great for those curious and food lovers who want to learn about the Mexican cuisine ancient culinary secrets.


  Cooking authentic Mexican dishes in a beautiful set up (lovely Mexican house)

  English speaking Mexican passionated chef

  Different menus throughout the year, according to the seasonality of products and Mexico’s main festivities

  Classes are 3 to 3.5 hours and each student enjoys a generous taste of every dish

  Personalized attention, our daily groups are small.

Large groups are private and upon request.



Duration: 3.5 hrs aprox

When: Mon thru Sun

Time: 11.30 am and 5.00 pm (*any other time upon request)

12 & Under


Prices shown in USD do not include tax or booking fees. All sales are final and non-refundable, but we are flexible if you need to reschedule.


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