Learn everything about a seductive, mystic, Mexican drink: Mezcal, during our mezcal tasting experience.

Enjoy a tasting experience, guided by a “Maestro Mezcalero“, who was brought up in a family devoted to the production of mezcal for four generations.

Find out why this popular Mexican drink has crossed borders and has become a favorite around the world.

Try different varieties of mezcal from diverse agaves and towns in Mexico.

During this mezcal tasting you will receive cultural and historical information, while enjoying a very pleasant moment in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

We have 2 different locations  and it may vary according on your group size and availability: Polanco and Juarez neighborhoods

  Flexible dates and times.

   Great for those who want to learn more about this awesome Mexican beverage.

   We can tailor your experience according to your group’s need.

   Try a variety of mezcals, and enjoy a delicious experience

   Ideal for solo travelers, friends or couples.

  Great location

  Experience guided by a Mexican mezcal expert

What to expect from our Mexican mezcal tasting?

A unique experience, try one of the most popular drinks in Mexico and worldwide. From Oaxaca to the world, you will learn the difference between a variety of agaves.  We have a range of Mezcal tasting, we can tailored this experience for small or large groups, we can assure you, you will have a great time, while enjoying and learning from this mystical Mexican drink.



Not to be missed !!!




Duration: 60 to 90 minutes aprox.

Where: Polanco or Juarez neighborhood, according to availability

When: Upon request / Everyday



$69 USD (1 to 1.5 hr. approx.)



Prices shown in USD do not include  booking fees.


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