One-On-One Virtual Cooking Class

We’re delighted to introduce our one-on-one virtual cooking classes.

What better way to improve your cooking skills than in the comfort of your own place, learning the tips and secrets of professionally trained chefs?
Take a one-on-one private cooking class, or invite a friend or family member to join you, while you both learn and have fun cooking with us.

Dates and times are flexible.

Welcome to the future!!!

What to expect from our cooking lessons?

One-on-one digital experience, under the guidance of a professionally trained chef.

  You can be as involved as you want during the cooking class. Feel free to follow
the recipe at the moment or write down notes to replicate it later.

  Questions and comments are welcome during the class.

  Our classes allow you to learn at your own pace, designed for all levels,
according to your tastes and cooking experience.

  Happen in your home, using your equipment, making it easy for you to repeat the
recipes whenever you like.

Our recipes are easy to replicate.

  Include professional tips, techniques, recipes and juicy insider stories from your chef!

Cooking and learning, while having fun

  You love to cook and you wish you could improve your techniques.

  You couldn’t make it to your booked destination due to the current events.

  You have never cooked before but you loooove to eat.

  You are bored of preparing the same meals over and over again.

  Looking for new things to do at home.

Then our one-on-one virtual cooking class is the best choice for you.

Cooking is never boring…


You can even discover the gastronomic artist that you have inside. Our cooking classes are mostly focus on Mexican food specialties, we have
vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives. So, no one misses out.

Have a nice and relaxed cooking class!!

Our virtual 90 min sessions will give you an overall insight of what cooking Mexican food in your own home could be like. Or if you have something special in mind we can also do it, when possible we’re flexible.

Our team is always thinking out of the box and we see crises as opportunities. So let’s cook together. Thank you for allowing us into your home kitchen.



Duration: 2 hrs

When: 7 days a week

Time: flexible*

Ingredients: We will send you the list of ingredients and utensils in advanced, so you can have them ready.

We have different menus and vegetarian alternatives

*We will provide the link for your personal cooking class, once your booking is completed.

$40 USD*
$25 USD*
Our schedule is flexible


*Times according to CST (Central Standard Time)
*Prices shown in USD for reference
*All sales are final & non-refundable



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