3 hour food and historical walking tour around Tlaquepaque

Treat yourself with the most authentic food and drinks from Jalisco

Experience Mexican traditions, art and music

  Departs daily every half hour beginning at 11:00am – check calendar.

   Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

   Small groups of no more than 16 guests per expert guide.

   Experiences happen rain, shine or snow. Please dress accordingly.

  Restrooms available during the experience.

  Vegetarian substitutions are available. Notify us of SERIOUS allergies or aversions.

What to expect from the Guadalajara Tlaquepaque food tour?


Authentic Jalisco Gastronomy tastings- Guadalajara: Tlaquepaque Food Tour visits eight of Tlaquepaque’s most interesting and local food tasting locations. Jalisco offers one of the richest gastronomies in Mexico including the world famous Tequila. In all of these locations you will have a chance to taste samples of traditional dishes and beverages. Our stops include a Birria parlor where you will taste the most typical Tlaquepaque dish, a Tequila sampling by a local Tequila producer and a delicious and refreshing stop to try Tejuino, a non-alcoholic beverage from Jalisco. All food tastings are included in the ticket price. See all tasting locations in the list.

Learn about the Art, History and Urban Legends surrounding this beautiful town – Since Pre-Columbian times, Tlaquepaque has had a very important and rich arts and crafts tradition and has played an important role in Mexico’s History. All the works of art are made by local artisans in their ceramic, blown glass and textiles workshops located in the town itself. The beautiful 18th and 19th century mansions serve as the perfect stage for the museums, art galleries and arts and crafts stores where extraordinary pieces made by Tlaquepaque’s most renowned artists are displayed and sold.

Who should take the Guadalajara Tlaquepaque food tour?

Our Guadalajara: Tlaquepaque Food Tour is a great way for tourists interested in getting to know Tlaquepaque through its culinary traditions, to taste some of the most delicious and traditional dishes and drinks from Jalisco while being surrounded by Tlaquepaque’s atmosphere of art, music and folklore.

Why take the Guadalajara Tlaquepaque food tour?

Jalisco has a very strong culinary tradition and the life of its people revolve around food, tequila and mariachi. That is why we believe that this Tour will offer you a new, different and interesting way to discover not only Tlaquepaque, but the traditions of the beautiful state of Jalisco as well. Get to better know Mexico by exploring with us one of its richest and most traditional towns.

Explore Tlaquepaque, one of Jalisco’s most traditional and renowned towns. Located only minutes away from Downtown Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque is a goldmine when it comes to art, history, culture, tequila and Mariachi. You will enjoy delicious food and drinks from Jalisco and you will get to know the history, art, traditions and urban legends of this unique town.

How to get there?

From Downtown Guadalajara: The fastest way to get to Tlaquepaque is by taking a taxi, but if you are staying in Guadalajara Centro, you can also take the scenic route by hopping on the 10:00 am “Tapatio Tour” Bus to Tlaquepaque.

This is a double-deck tourist bus that starts at Dowtown Guadalajara and leaves you right at our starting point. One ticket takes you from Guadalajara to Tlaquepaque and back and they make several trips a day. For more information visit: www.tapatiotour.com .

From any other area of Guadalajara: Take a Taxi to Juarez 145 in Tlaquepaque (Plaza de Artesanias). A Taxi should not charge you more than $100 pesos if you are going from downtown Guadalajara or the Expo area to Tlaquepaque. Keep in mind that it will be a 30 to 40 minute trip.

Tasting Locations


Mexican Market We will explore the flavors and colors of Mexico in an authentic Mexican Market

Birria and Cazuelas Taste Tlaquepaque’s most iconic dish and beverage

Delicious Tejuino Try one of Jalisco’s most famous drinks.

Tequila! We will visit the world of Tequila through a tasting of different kinds of Tequila

Chile en Nogada Experience all the Folklore of Tlaquepaque in one of it’s most traditional Restaurants.

Jalisco’s famous: Torta Ahogada Dare to taste the famous and spicy “Torta Ahogada”. But don’t worry: you can make it as spicy as you can take

Tascalate Feel like an ancient Mexican king while having this VIP drink!

Mexican Food… with a twist Try contemporary mexican food prepared with traditional ingredients but mixed in a whole new way

Sweet old Tlaquepaque Taste the traditional home made candy as Mexican grandmas used to make it



Duration: 3hrs

When: Tuesday to Sunday, all year round

Time: 11 am

12 & Under


Prices shown in USD do not include tax or booking fees. All sales are final and non-refundable. Tickets must be purchased by 9am for today’s tour(s).


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