If food is your thing and you have an adventurous spirit then you will lo Mexico City. I am foodie at heart and I am convinced one of the best places to have a culinary experience is in this fantastic city: A Foodies’ Paradise.

Few cities in the world offer such an array of diverse dining options. Of course you will find world class international cuisine, however to truly experience Mexico is to dive into the heart and soul of this country an delight in vast array of unique regional delicacies. From the exquisite Moles of Oaxaca to the tempting tacos, this incredibly flavorful food is a blend of ancient culinary techniques and the latest trends in international cuisine.

If you are visiting Mexico City for the first time or even if you have been here before, I’m sure you will find yourself with the predicament of where to begin your culinary adventure.

So to start you off, here I provide my pick of Mexican specialties not to be missed.

Tlayuda and Mole: From Oaxaca to the world


The Tlayuda is a Mexican giant corn tortilla marinated in lard, and it’s commonly served with beans, meat and melted string cheese, Oaxacan cheese, which is similar to Mozzarella cheese. Tlayuda’s tortilla is a bit harder than the regular tortilla, but it is precisely this crunchy feeling that gives it a unique touch.

You mainly find Tlayudas at street markets, but also you can get some of the best Tlayudas at established places.


“Mole” is one to the most popular specialties in Mexico, a sweet and spicy sauce, made of a complex blend of ingredients ranging from chilies to chocolate! It is commonly used to top savory dishes including enchiladas, wrapped tortillas stuffed with chicken.

Moles come in a great array of colors: the yellow spiced mole, the spicy red mole, the sweet black mole, the fruity mole, also known as tablecloth stainer mole, among others.

Each Mexican family will have their unique and secret mole recipe, I recommend sampling a variety of moles before deciding on your favorite.

Cochinita Pibil: The Yucatan’s Peninsula Specialty

Cochinita Pibil is a typical dish from the Yucatan’s Peninsula in southeastern Mexico, and consists of pork meat marinated in axiote sauce, generally wrapped in banana leaves, and slowly cooked. This superb meat is served in a variety of ways such as tacos or tortas. I recommend adding traditional toppings such as pickled pink onions, habanero sauce, and a squeeze of fresh lime.

The pork is not spicy which some might prefer, however if you love a kick be daring with the habanero sauce.

Tacos: The sky’s the limit

There is no other food as popular and diverse in Mexico as tacos. They come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors and are eaten daily by many locals because they are just so tasty.

The sky’s the limit and I can assure you once you are in Mexico you will not be able to resist the desire for some tacos.

Tacos are typically made with a corn tortilla, although sometimes with a wheat tortilla, and rolled around a filling. Fillings might include meat (beef, chicken or pork), nopales (sliced prickly pears), grated cheese, and different vegetables, such as mushrooms, pumpkin flower, and potatoes to name a few.

The Mexican way to eat a taco is with your hands so roll up your sleeves and enjoy this classic Mexican fare.

Among my favorite tacos is the one known as “Taco Villamelon”.  This delicious taco is originally from Mexico City and is made of beef, chicharron (crackling) and nopales (cactus). Add onions, coriander, fresh lime, as well as your favorite Mexican sauce and you are ready to go.

The great gastronomic variety of Mexican food will pose a dilemma if you visit Mexico City for only few days. To encompass all of the traditional dishes in this time is simply impossible. To make the task easier, a Mexican food tour through the beautiful corners of the Mexican capital guided by a food connoisseur will allow you to find the best and most representative culinary delights in this city.