Few places in the world offer such contrasting and diverse dining options as Mexico City. Here, in every corner, as well as in its finest restaurants, converge fresh flavors from the sea, juicy northern style steaks, and exotic spices from the south. Here, coexist 50 regional cuisines from all over the country, with their own ingredients and procedures. There also is a blend of ancient culinary practices and the latest trends in international cuisine.

In this city you can crave something every hour. In the morning, as you turn a corner, you will be assailed by the warm aroma of tamales, which are always served with a thick atole (gruel); at noon, you will not be able to resist the craving for some tacos de canasta (basket tacos), of head (of beef) o even of cochinita pibil (piglet meat cooked with axiote sauce). At lunchtime, allow your imagination to run free with the certainty that you will find more than one option to satisfy you. In the afternoon, the coffee shops with aromatic blends coming mainly from Chiapas, Veracruz and Oaxaca, will invite you to delight with the creativity of their bakers, or the cakes and sweets created in exclusive pastry shops.

This large gastronomic variety will pose a dilemma if you visit Mexico City for a few days: to encompass all of the traditional dishes in just a few days is impossible – a whole lifetime would not be enough for this. However, some food experts and connoisseurs of the most beautiful corners of the Mexican capital have engaged in the task of creating tours during which you can find the best and most representative culinary delights in this city.

An example of this is the tour designed by Mexican Food Tours to get to know Polanco, an upscale area where most of the most elegant restaurants in the city open their doors, such as the Pujol and the Biko, recognized as two of the best restaurants in the world. Here, you will also find open air markets, crowded taco stands, and carts selling tamales, corn on the cob and corn esquites.

This tour can be joined by people of all ages and physical conditions. You will walk somewhat less than 1.5 miles over approximately three hours. The only requirement is that you are willing to indulge.