The Story Behind Mexican Food Tours

Founded in 2012 Mexican Food Tours was the dream of two friends who wanted to share Mexico’s culinary traditions with people from all around the world. It all started in a birthday party, a small talk, a great desire to become entrepreneurs and the conviction that Mexico is a great country with lots of traditions that should be share with others.

Today Mexican Food Tours is owned and run by Connie Estefan and Lety Hinojos, two good friends and enthusiastic women.

In Mexican Food Tours we have passion for food, especially for Mexican food. We are convinced that Mexico is a country with a long history and an ancient culinary tradition. The wide range of Mexican regional food makes it appealing to both locals and tourists.  Mexico is an enormous country and each of its states has culinary specialties. Some of these delicious dishes, drinks or family recipes are well known around the world, but some of them aren’t.

Mexico is one of the countries that is well known for its exquisite food and Mexico City has been consistently rated as one of the best cities in the world to eat well.

At Mexican Food Tours we designed the first food tour within Polanco neighborhood, which is one of the most unique and exclusive neighborhoods in Mexico City.  Furthermore Polanco is considered the culinary heart of the city, some of the best Mexican restaurants of the world are located here.

We also have designed some other food tours and culinary experiences and will continue to do so. In 2014 we launched our Mexican Cooking Classes where you can learn some of the secrets of our cuisine with the help of great Mexican chefs.

We want to share our experiences, our love and passion for food and this fascinating city with visitors from all over the world.

These reasons, and many others, inspired us to create Mexico’s finest culinary walking tours.

Mexican Food Tours offers local citizens and vacationers from all around the world the opportunity to discover Mexico’s flavors.

Our passion goes beyond tasting great Mexican specialties. Our tours offer the opportunity to learn more of the history, culture and architecture of Mexico. Our goal is that you experience Mexico City in a way only the locals do. From our most famous dishes to a wide variety of food.

And we even take our experiences one step further by tailoring tours according to our clients needs

Let us take you on a cultural-culinary journey that you will never forget.

Welcome to Mexico, welcome to Mexico City!

Buen Provecho,



Co-founder & CMO

I’m a foodie at heart and a person who loves to travel the world, but I know where my roots are. I love my country and have great interest in its gastronomy. I’ve lived abroad and I know the importance of preserving and promoting Mexican traditions. One of my passions is to speak about my country and its heritage, so founding Mexican Food Tours has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, a dream come true. During these years I have met great people from all around the globe and I sincerely hope I’ve left some nice memories of Mexico on all of them.


Co-Founder & CFO

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, create jobs and make a difference in my community. I got the fortune to know Mexican Food Tours, and immediately fell in love with them. I am very proud to be Mexican and love our roots and traditions. I’m a foodie with a discerning palate and enjoy looking for the best places to eat. I come from a long line of Mexican chefs: my mother and grandmothers and their mothers and grandmothers. Is there a best way to introduce Mexico to people all over the world? I don’t think so. My dream is for all of our visitors to have an amazing and delicious experience so they can take the best of Mexico with them!!


Food Ambassador

One of the privileges that I love the most about this fascinating job as a gastronomical and cultural ambassador is being able to transmit my passion for Mexican food as well as the vast richness of our history and cultural heritage with others. To have the opportunity through Mexican Food Tours of doing so with Mexicans and people from all over the world is simply wonderful. My greatest reward is learning that, after they take the tour, people say that they gladly learned and experienced new things about my country thanks to the way the tour is structured. Mexico’s outstanding cultural treasures and its gastronomical position in the world scenario are blessings that I proudly enjoy sharing with our visitors.  


Chef & Food Ambassador

Hello, I’m Ileana, I’m a Mexican chef. I love sharing the culinary culture of my country, its colors and flavors have no comparison. For me cooking with visitors from around the world and show them our dishes and ingredients is incredible and a grateful experience.


Food Ambassador

I have had the good fortune to live in Mexico City since 1973, allowing me to become bilingual and bicultural, as well as learn to cook and enjoy a wide range of traditional Mexican dishes. I have seen many transitions in Mexico from no supermarkets and when I first arrived to abundant gourmet shops and a thriving cosmopolitan city. While Mexico has its challenges, it is a beautiful country with a rich culture and generous, warm-hearted people. My experience of living abroad has expanded my horizons and broadened my understanding of different cultures; and working with Mexican Food Tours lets me meet interesting people who enjoy learning and partaking of excellent food.


Chef & Food Ambassador

I’m in love with Mexico and its cuisine. I always wanted to be an ambassador of our roots. I’m  proud  to be “Chilango”, I love pulque and author’s cuisine.



If I could describe myself in a single word would be adventurous. All my life I have felt a very special love for my country, its people and its food. I appreciate and value every detail, flavor and history of a dish, I consider that there is no better way for someone to know any culture than through its gastronomy. I have had the opportunity to visit many parts of Mexico and with total sincerity every time I do it I feel more proud of my roots and the history that form me. That is why through Mexican Food Tours I hope that many other people can feel the same as me, that they can be amazed and enjoy what Mexican culture and its cuisine has to offer to the whole world.